Women's wellness visit


We perform comprehensive physical exam from head to toe on all women's wellness exam. It also includes clinical breast exam for breast cancer screening and pelvic exam with pap test for cervical cancer screening. The complete women wellness include:

1.Comprehensive Health History:

Past Medical History

Family History


Social (Life-Style)

2.Clinical breast exam:

Provider may examine your breast, nipple and under arms for any lumps, tumors, nipple retraction, skin changes, lymph node enlargement. Provider may take this opportunity to educate you about self-breast examination.

3.Pelvic Exam:

Provider may examine your vulva and vagina including the pelvic wall and uterus. Provider will use a vaginal speculum to look at the cervix and may collect cells with a small brush or spatula.

You may be screened for Sexual transmitted infections.

4.Counseling/ education : We may take this opportunity to discuss the following; 

Birth Control 

STI Prevention including vaccines

Safety and Relationship violence

Screen depression and counseling

Screen obesity, height, weight , BP

Screen blood pressure, 

Cholesterol and Diabetes Mellitus

HIV/ Hepatitis C

Vision and Hearing

Colon Cancer screening

Breast Cancer Screening 

National Domestic Violence Hotline