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Patient Services

Preventive Care Services

Primary care clinic in frisco provides, Physical exam at Our Clinic.primary care clinic in Frisco

Schedule a Physical, Wellness Exam, or Routine Screening at Our Clinic. 

Chronic diseases

Primary care clinic in frisco for blood pressure, diabetes,cholesterol. 972.643.8727

Suffering from chronic health conditions like High Blood Pressure, Diabetes etc. 

Urgent Care Services

primary care clinic in Frisco, provides number of urgent care services. call us at 972.643.8727.

No appointment necessary. We accept walk-in patients or you can also call us at 972.643.8727.

Routine Cancer screening

Primary care clinic Frisco offers routine cancer screening. Call us today at 972.643.8727.

Primary Care in Frisco, TX has routine cancer screenings readily available. 


Primary care clinic in Frisco provides vaccinations.

We provide number of Vaccinations at our clinic. Get vaccinated at our clinic. 

Laboratory Testing

Primary care clinic in Frisco offers number of lab tests. call us today at 972.643.8727.

Schedule an appointment today for laboratory testing done at our clinic, Texas Primary care clinic, Frisco.

Wellness visits

Primary care clinic in Frisco provides physical, wellness exam, or routine screening at our clinic.

A wellness visits is a preventive care visit to your primary care provider (PCP), which is an important way to stay healthy.

Allergy testing

Primary care clinic in frisco provides painless skin allergy testing. call us today to schedule.

Allergies are highly prevalent in US, where there are more than 50 million living with allergy related problems.

Women's Health

Primary care clinic in Frisco

We provide comprehensive physical exam for women from head to toe, which includes Clinical breast exam for breast cancer screening, pelvic test with pap test for cervical cancer screening.

Weight Loss Management

Primary Care Clinic frisco can help you lose weight. Call us today 972.643.8727.

We provide medically supervised weight loss plan which includes health diet, increased physical activity and medications.

Diagnostic Imaging

Primary Care Clinic in Frisco provides number of diagnostic imaging in the clinic.

Texas Primary care clinic provides number of Diagnostic Imaging in the clinic. 


Primary care clinic in frisco provides counseling for many problems.

Are you or someone you love suffering from depression, weight issues or smoking cessation problem. Call us today for Counseling.