About Us


Our mission is to contribute and enhance the health & wellbeing of our community.

Goal and Objectives

Our goal is to provide an accessible and high quality primary healthcare to  our patients. We also strive for higher patient satisfaction.

Our Values

Our Core Values;

1. Compassionate Care

2. Quality service at highest standards.

About Us

Texas Primary Care Specialists

Texas Primary Care Clinic is primary care clinic located at two convenient locations Frisco and Paris, TX. The primary care clinic at Paris was started on 2013 as Texas Primary Care Specialists.  After an outstanding feedback from our patients, we opened our new location at Frisco, TX.  As of April 2018 we have changed the name of our clinic to Texas Primary Care Clinic to reflect on our values. As a primary care clinic, we are focused on acute and chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure, asthma, heart & kidney disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer screenings, and other related conditions in adults. Our primary focus as a clinic is on health maintenance and disease screening. 

Primary Care clinic in Frisco

Primary Care clinic in Frisco